Principal & Principle

There’s something completely unsurprising about these two stories: GOP Governors Hedge Bets On Health Insurance Exchanges California Republicans Quietly Embrace Medicaid Expansion But the most depressing thing about it is not the hypocrisy, it’s that the Democratic Party, and President Obama’s administration specifically, is not jumping on the trend. “Obamacare” is one of the most offensive buzzwords […]

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The New Yorker on OWS

I recently subscribed to the New Yorker. Their coverage of the OWS movement has been odd, but this article was exactly what I want. OWS isn’t a single group with a single demand. It’s a collection of stories of people who aren’t content with the system-as-stands. This is a long story – but it’s a […]

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The Big Picture

The Boston Globe has a fantastic feature called “The Big Picture” where they post a big batch of big pictures on a given topic once a week. The content and photography are always stunning. This time, there is also Santa Claus, lookin’ sweet. I love more than anything the Santa in the far back, far […]

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Naomi Wolf on OWS

Naomi Wolf writes for The Guardian about violence against OWS protestors. Wolf is as smart as she is outspoken. (The Beauty Myth is absolutely essential reading.) She’s also given to strong rhetoric. And she’s very often right, and most always insightful. Say what you like about Frank Miller, the vitriol he spat against OWS puts […]

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I had never seen an igloo constructed “from scratch” before. Thanks, Vimeo! The sweet spot is right at the 6 minute mark.

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The Silence of the Turkeys

Scott shared a link from the charmingly obnoxious that lists the worst times to be browsing the web. In that spirit, I apologize for the derth of posts over the break. With family in town and a party or two each day, there was precious little time to ogle my precious internet. At one […]

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