Criterion picks their favorite villains. #5 is a brilliant choice.


2 thoughts on “#5

  1. Before I even check, I’m going to guess Charles Foster Kane. I would put money on Harry Lime being in the list; though 5 is short, number-wise. All I’m saying is 5 is no 6. 6 is bigger, number-wise. If I were going to count, and I wanted to be at it for a while, I’m just saying I might count to something not-so-5-ish. Did they include Fyvush Finkel? I don’t think he was ever a villain.

    1. Wow, I haven’t even read the list yet. I just clicked on the link and saw that they have a lot more than 5 villains! 🙂
      I feel like such a moron. At least this ain’t public! (ALTAP should be a new acronym.)

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