Like Hannah, today is a palindrome!

Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo.

This Chicago Tribune article is very fun. I’m a huge fan of palindromes.

This Believer article is endearing. And here’s an NPR story on Barry Duncan, the guy featured in the Believer article.

Next week, every product is being released on 11,11,11. But that subjective rendering is not nearly as interesting as today’s 11022011.

Of course, today is only a palindrome in the USA. In the UK and Europe it would be rendered 02112011. Am I right about that?


2 thoughts on “11022011

  1. From the Believer article, you must at least read this paragraph, or at least the final sentence of this paragraph:

    Duncan even has names for different types of palindromes. Consider the following piece, which he wrote before a performance at the Cambridge venue Club Passim by a former colleague named Abdul-Wahab, who played the oud and was accompanied by a flamenco guitarist.

    Miss apt A-W on oud?
    No! Set a date, son:
    Duo now at Passim.

    Duncan refers to this type of composition as a three-layer vertical stack, or “3LVS,” and he considers it to be the “most visually and emotionally satisfying reversible arrangement.” The satisfaction comes from the tidiness: the third line is the exact opposite of the first line, and the second line is a self-contained palindrome that serves to “keep the peace between the first and third lines.” He says that he finds them “very tense and very elegant,” but that it’s rare for a palindrome to work out naturally as a 3LVS. So rare, in fact, that of all the palindromes that he’s written, Duncan says that this one about Abdul-Wahab’s performance may be the only one that really is satisfying as a natural 3LVS. Barry Duncan, master palindromist, has developed nomenclature and a nuanced appreciation for feats he’s managed to accomplish just a single time.

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