“Russian Love”

I don’t usually read spam that I receive, but the title above along with the short, half-sentence preview of the message within piqued my interest. This is what I found:

Hello darling  I a romantic person. My family say I am serious and honest. I 24 years. I would like to get acquainted with a sincere man for serious relationship. I have light hair . I like to smile, I always smile to people and I dont afraid of wrinkles under my eyes.  Age is of no importance. I think that age is not a number of years but a great experience in life. I’m not married. Maybe it’s fate! My details here:

For those seeking love, I apologize for removing the link that directed you to this person’s details. It was also the details for someone, who I assume is Russian, named ‘Norman’. I’m sure with the power of the Internet, if you truly wish to find ‘Norman’, you should have no trouble anyway.

To the thrill of the hunt!


One thought on ““Russian Love”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love it! It’s so charming. You can remove the loveliness within, for the sake of enjoyment, from the obvious malicious intent of international spam by saying to yourself, “Well, some human did compose these lines.”

    I image this woman whose name is clearly not Norman is an elderly woman supplying these English sentences for her no-good son’s schemes for which she’s given a small allowance and few moments of his time each week when he calls to pester her for more copy. This one assignment allowed her to profess a few personal sentiments, a rarity in the industry of deceit, and she cherished the notion that this small appeal to the human soul, written by a fading beauty and neglected provocateur, in the absurd syntax of her fourth language, would -in its own way- be published in the West and read by more eyes than can boast the Sunday edition of the London Times.

    My hat off to you Norma’ and to you as well, Kosmo!

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