Super Goorin Bros!

I love these guys. They opened up a shop right by my house. All of my hats are Goorin Bros hats.

They have a Scarf which I don’t know why I don’t own named Danny. It’s paired with a beautiful riding cap named Micky. A beautiful lady just emailed me a link to the Benny!

When I first discovered Danny, I was turned off because I didn’t know a Micky. I admit, right now, publicly, that that is a stupid emotion.

Now that there’s a Benny, you can expect me to wear this combination every single day this winter.

I’ve just checked. My current hat is a Dagwood.  Not too long ago, somebody I care about at least partly claimed to have never heard of Blondie/Dagwood or the Dagwood sandwich. I forget who this person was. Is it you?


3 thoughts on “Super Goorin Bros!

  1. I thought you owned a Danny, or perhaps a similar tartan patterned scarf… I also haven’t seen you in a few years, so the scarf I’m thinking of probably disappeared into the ether.

    As a sandwich artist, I of course know what a Dagwood is. So it wasn’t me.

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