Bear News

BBC Nature – Ancient bear had the strongest bite of ANY LAND MAMMAL!


4 thoughts on “Bear News

  1. Why couldn’t ancient man have tamed bears instead of dogs/wolves or horses? Riding into war on the back of a bear would have been amazing! Abe Lincoln knows what I’m taking about.

    In the graphic they labeled two skulls as ‘polar bear.’ Are there North and South polar bears? I know very little about bears.

  2. From the article:
    “[The polar bear] might be more correctly categorised as a specialised ‘fat-sucker’ than a real meat eater”

    That sounds even more frightening.

  3. I mentioned horses too. I believe it wouldn’t be terribly comfortable to ride a large Kodiak into battle due to it’s width. Saddle’s wouldn’t work, but perhaps something similar to a recumbent bike seat would work. It might even keep the rider from falling off when the bear rears back to take on another bear in battle.

    Dogs are nice, but I’d like to lay on a bearskin rug without having to kill a bear. And it’s heated! Imagine all the cute, bare-ass baby photos taken on bears.

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