Hans Zimmer is Batty

This does not instill me with the greatest confidence for the next Batflick. But at this point, not a lot would.


7 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer is Batty

  1. Why the reservation? They’re just gathering voices to add to Bane’s entrance chant. It’s not like he’s asking Jerko Pasta to compose music for a scene.

    Know what I mean, Ben? *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

  2. He was a luchador in South America, why wouldn’t he have an entrance chant?

    I’d do it too if I could make out what they were saying a little better. Zimmer’s people would get my recording and say to each other, “Is he just saying ‘Dancing Mufasa’ over and over?”

  3. Yeah, you’re not wrong.

    Maybe I’m being curmudgeonly. I just cannot imagine an unknown number of recordings made in unknown environments with little coordination being actually useful while building that scene.

    Also, Bane sucks.

  4. I know that for the arena scenes in Tron Legacy they recorded the crowd from Comic-Con. It’s great to get the fans involved in some way. It would be awesome to say, “I was in Dark Knight Rises.” I’d put that on my resume.

    Bane could work, as long as Venom isn’t involved. I’m hoping.

  5. There’s going to be a scene in the movie where Bane says to Batman, “Listen, the world is chanting my name!”
    And Batman will droll, “So you’ve discovered Facebook?”

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