6 thoughts on “Hold on to Your Butts

  1. Actually, it supports Michael Crichton’s suppositions about dinosaurs, the T-Rex in particular. In the book, ‘Jurassic Park’, Crichton all but begs the audience to abandon the Elizabethan notion that dinosaurs were slow, dim-witted, and un-evolved creatures. He says that dinosaurs get a bad wrap from that time-period because science was seen as a means of justifying humanity as a refined creation of God, which would mean everything that came before humanity, especially animals which went extinct, must have been too stupid to survive.

    Instead, Crichton posits that, like every other animal ever, the Tyrannosaurs Rex was an evolved creature with complex hunting and social habits, as well as a creature with a physiology capable of sustaining the needs of a creature its size. He all but insults the notion that dinosaurs were lizards, and describes them more as precursors to birds, a perspective which has plenty of evidence, and describes them as elegant living animals.

    Crichton also posits that the T-Rex was faster than we would expect an animal of its size to be. If the T-Rex can’t take long strides, taking many short strides fits right in with dashing our poor expectations of the T-Rex.

  2. I’m sorry. You’re missing the fact that speed-walking is not cool. They could have at least coined a new term that we all understand to mean “speed-walk” but without the connotation of elderly women wearing track suits shuffling around the mall.

    For instance, “The buttocks musculature allowed the Tyrannosaur to take shorter strides at high speeds, a motion paleontologists are calling the Rex-Run.”

    Dignity. That’s all I’m asking for. Dignity.

  3. Rex-Run is dignity? It sounds like a small enclosure for a miniature schnauzer to piddle while his fat, middle aged master decides how many times she’ll cross the field of play during a pee-wee football game.

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