Origins of American Animation

Let’s just address the dead elephant in the room: this Origins of American Animation is an ugly website. But its content is fantastic!

The website is part of a series called American Memory. And they chose a pink background. There are other things to talk about, but let’s talk about the purple hyperlinks. What are these colors? I imagine this website color palette is called “The Internet’s Pyjamas.”

I can’t think straight. Perhaps this is the stomach lining of GeoCities. If this website were a picked-over fruit stand, it’d be out of dates. If it were a news kiosk on a crowded street, it’s be behind the Times. If I were a time-traveler attempting to travel only slightly back in time and my time machine was broken but the first thing I saw after getting out of the time machine was this website, I’d think the time machine was not broken. Get it? If I were going to propose to my girlfriend and I wanted to make sure she said no, I’d spell out her name using dozens of tablets all displaying this website’s homepage. If you ever think that you can achieve your dreams, remind yourself that that’s the same crap the guy who designed this website was told.

And why are the videos so bleeding tiny?


2 thoughts on “Origins of American Animation

  1. I feel like you started out this post with something to say and then never got back to it after being distracted. Did you want to finish that initial thought?

  2. Did you overlook the date at the bottom of the page? “Mar-31-99”
    I haven’t spent any time looking over the content, just the design. It’s surprising how many sites still exist in this format. They’re like an Atari 2600 in a time of Nintendo 64 (I feel the online experience needs more time to evolve before I can compare it to the current generation of consoles.).

    The site seems like something an intern at the Library of Congress started and then once his time was up he allowed it to fall into disrepair.

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