Wired.com photos go Creative Commons

It’s all over the internet. Wired has decided that all photography for their site from this point forward will be released as Creative Commons works. Which is awesome.

They’ve tossed out 50 great photos from their archive as a bonus.

Click through on the photo to Wired.com for their version of the story.


3 thoughts on “Wired.com photos go Creative Commons

  1. I’ll have to look into it. My initial impression is that Wired is still hiring the photographers, but releasing the rights to the pictures under the “some rights reserved” license that Creative Commons offers.

    Using the pics means you agree to properly attribute the artists and, where possible, link back to their work.

  2. My initial impression, by the way, comes mostly from this quote in the linked article.

    “As great as it is to share, not every photo you see on Wired.com will be either now or in the future freely available under CC. That’s because we need to own the copyright on an image in order to license it, and many images that appear on Wired.com belong to others — for example: work we’ve commissioned from freelance photographers; images purchased from photo services such as AP and Corbis; photos provided to us for one-time use from other publishers, amateur photographers and news sources. For the same reason, we can’t release photos from Wired’s print magazine.

    As a result, the photos available, for now, come exclusively from Wired.com’s talented in-house photo team — Jim Merithew, Keith Axline and Jon Snyder. All three have graciously collaborated to make this possible.”

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