Fanny, Alexander, & Ingmar

Criterion has announced the release of Fanny and Alexander on Blu-Ray.

The package comes with three features:
the Theatrical Version,
the Television Version,
and the Making Of (directed by Bergman himself!)

I am shocked to read that the Television Version may be superior.

Ingmar Bergman has described Fanny and Alexander as “the sum total of my life as a filmmaker.” And in this, the full-length (312-minute) version of his triumphant valediction, his vision is expressed at its fullest.

Scott doesn’t know anything about Swedish Silent Cinema, and I don’t know anything about Swedish Television.

Clearly we need to spend a lot more time in Sweden.


2 thoughts on “Fanny, Alexander, & Ingmar

  1. Some part of me believes that I was already aware of the superiority of the TV version of ‘Fanny and Alexander.’ I can’t remember where I first heard of it, but I feel like it was somewhere in a conversation with Kiezlowski’s ‘Decalogue.’

    Still, I also don’t know shit about Swedish television.

    Beat that, Dan!

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