Gabe on Skyrim

In the end it comes down to the same problem I have with all these sorts of open world games. I find them sort of paralyzing. When I meet a group of people in Skyrim and they want me to join their cult or whatever I just freeze up. If I do join it, will I miss out on some cool thing later? If I don’t join it, are they going to have some rad adventure without me? No matter what I choose I feel like I missed out on something awesome. I’m not picking a direction to go, I’m deciding not to go a hundred other directions. Obviously I’m a crazy person but that’s just how these games make me feel. I need a much more directed game experience to have a good time.



I haven’t read anything other than comics on Penny Arcade in over a year. Today I take a glance and find something that scratches an itch of mine.

The difference between Gabe’s opinion and my opinion, is this: I can handle missing out on those 100 other directions. That gives me a reason to go back and play the game again. One of the things that bothers me about these games, however, is I’m convinced that I’m NOT missing out on anything. I’m pretty certain that the whole game is idiot-proof and without consequence. I’m sure that after I run through the game as a mage, that I can take that same character and go through as a thief, gradually building my thief related stats, and not miss a single mission.


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