“Texas History Education Standards Receive Dismal Reviews In Recent Report”

An excerpt from the Huffington Post article:

The report notes that the Fordham Institute gave the state’s history standards a grade of “D,” calling it a “politicized distortion of history,” that is “both unwieldy and troubling” while “offering misrepresentations at every turn.”

These misrepresentations, Erekson writes, include excluding Native Americans from the standards curriculum until recently and citing states’ rights as a cause of the Civil War when Texas did not cite it in their historical “Declaration of Causes.”


The NAEP also released a report in June that showed dismal history test scores in what U.S. Secretary of Education called an impending “slow-motion train wreck”: just 9 percent of 4th graders could identify a photograph of Abraham Lincoln and state two reasons for his importance.

Remember what one of the two, I’m sorry, three departments Rick Perry wanted to do away with? I’ll give you a hint, it rhymes with…uh…shit. It’s Department of Education.

Look, I went to a Texas state college so I don’t remember what a rhyme is. I just know that phrase from charades and people sound smart when they use it.


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