1 x 6 x ?

How many times is this asshole going to release the same goddam movie?

He made the same movie three times. Then he released those three movies about four times each.

When he was bored of that (and his fans somehow still were not), he made that same movie three times again, during the which he released the first three versions of the same damn movie two more times.

Now he’s scrubbing his garbage all over again and selling us plastic glasses to see what we’ve already seen?

Including the multiple VHS releases, the Laserdisc, the multiple DVDs, the Blu-Ray, and now the 3-D horsephooie, how many times has each film been released?

Once we acknowledge that none of the follow-up films added any information to the first film, except for, perhaps, the jaw-droppingly mundane exposition that the paternal analogue and the protagonist were literally related, thereby shattering the only suggestion of literary invention in the piece, it can be declared that the same film has been packaged and sold at extreme profit in more than 30 separate unique forms.

Can anyone find a list? I’m sure it exists.

Below if a video essay bitching about copyright law. I disagree with the premise (that we need these works to be in the public domain so that young artists can tell their version of the story), but I agree with the anger and the frustration of the Lucas/Disney copyright madness. Pay attention to the list of times A New Hope was released, and remember, the narrator is only listing A New Hope, not all three of the original trilogy, and he stops counting before Blu-Ray was invented.

One thought on “1 x 6 x ?

  1. “The film was re-released theatrically in 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, and with additional scenes and enhanced special effects in 1997.”


    Plus: VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc, the 95 re-release of the VHS and Laserdisc, the 1997 Special Edition VHS, the 2004 DVD, and the 2011 blu-ray.

    Plus Plus: 3D Releases of all 6 films.

    WTF: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Aladdin-Star-Wars-Episode-I-Phantom-Menace-Aladdin-CD-sampler-/290630036291?pt=VHS&hash=item43aae66b43

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