SAVE the Clock Tower!

They have a clock tower on the Greendale campus, right?

A lot of people are freaking out over NBC’s announcement of their mid-season line-up, particularly the lack of Community. 30 Rock is back in, but Up All Night (The sitcom about… insomnia? I don’t know, it’s got G.O.B. and that chick who was big in the 80s starring in it.) has sneaked into Thursday nights. The immediate reaction of the Internet was outrage, but they’ve done these stupid moves before.

Remember Outsourced? Of course you don’t.

Community will gather its wagons and the Community community will flap its wings in protest, but it will be back. I’m sure numerous petitions exist, (There’s a Twitter movement of course. Just tweet the hash tag #SaveGreendale. I’ve also seen #SaveAnniesBoobs, so squeeze them together and get people talking.) but this is the one I used to squawk and flap with – Save Community! The number jumps 100 signatures each time I look back as I write this.

The real problem here is the Neilson rating system. It’s antiquated and busted. I don’t think households with these systems even exist. They completely ignore online viewing and DVR recordings. So not only is this petition an easy way to complain, but it will give NBC a better idea of the numbers that actually watch the show. That’s two bushes with one stone.


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