Gates, indoor croquet

Someday I’ll have an office. And it will be one of those cool offices where people can bring their dogs to work and we’ll have a jukebox and a pool table and a cigarette girl and swordfights and a life-size beach and retinal scan technology and rope ladders instead of escalators and its own theme song.

But until then, I’m just going to start bringing Romain Lagrangre’s Gates to (my current) work.

Please pay attention to the design here. There is no cart. You may have to carry the mallets separately, but the six gates, the two stakes, and the two balls all fit together and can be carried as one with no additional paraphernalia. The stakes slide into the slots of the gates and their bottoms are just wide enough to stop the gates from sliding off. The arches of the gates are circular and exceed the midpoint of the circle so that when they are upside down, they grasp the stakes.

My grandmother has a croquet set. Whenever I see one, I am filled with the joy of those memories. It is such a simple game, and I believe simplicity is the key to the game’s cheer. Here is a design whose elegance lies in its simplicity.


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