CNET and Engadget on the Nook Tablet

I just found the Dropbox application for my Nook Color. How awesome. There is a new upgrade for the Nook Color that will give it Netflix and Hulu Plus capability, plus better application development (I think.) This thing keeps getting better. Since then, I’ve been revisiting the state of affairs in the e-reader world

Not that anyone asked, but here is CNET’s review of the Nook Tablet. I’m shocked to hear them say that they found the performance of the Nook Tablet to be better than the Fire. In fact, I wonder if I misheard the review, because everyone else has said that the Kindle Fire runs better. Maybe B&N really did beef-up the device before launch.

Anyway, I usually trust CNET, and this is a good review, mostly because it does a great job of contrasting the Nook Tablet with the Kindle Fire in a very brief and unbias manner.

Engadget also offers a pretty good review. And they offer a direct comparison, which is also illuminating. They claim video looks better on the Nook than the Fire. The stats are on their side (the Nook has a gig of RAM and a better screen, while the Kindle has 512mb of RAM,) but I was under the impression that Amazon was using their servers to do most of the work, and that was going to make a big difference, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. I don’t care about video on my reading device. I do care that it renders images well, becuase I like the interactive children’s books, and I really want to be able to read comic books smoothly, on an e-reader (a bigger screen is still a major concern, but let’s do this one step at a time.) The Nook Tablet looks like it can run kid’s books and comic books and magazines pretty well, so I’m happy (again…bigger screen would be nice – the Engaget review says as much.)

I’m still in the Nook camp, but if anyone else gives a damn, let me know what you think.


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