Wales v Australia

BBC Sport – Live – Wales v Australia.

Well, on the one hand Whales are elegant and beautiful creatures of the ocean who were once described by Melville as “dragons of the sea.” And I’m pretty sure that he was quoting the bible when he said that, so I guess we know where God* stands on the issue.

On the other hand, Australia has some of the hottest swimming instructors known to man.

Whales 1, Australia 1.

Weigh in!

*Christian God only. At time of press, Zeus, Allah, Bahamut, and Yahweh were all unavailable for comment.


One thought on “Wales v Australia

  1. The absolute HOTTEST diving instructor. And not just any old diving instructor, a military diving instructor.

    But Dylan Thomas is from Whales, so that’s a close call.

    My vote’s for Australia. Call me what you will.

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