When you’re right, you’re right.

From “Our Valued Customers,” a webcomic that highlights the oddities overheard while working in a comic book shop.

This one anonymous customer is better at destroying the Batman mythos than Dan.

OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS: To his friend while discussing how BATMAN could be more realistic….


8 thoughts on “When you’re right, you’re right.

  1. I don’t know if that destroys the Batman mythos so much as it ignores it. The reason Bruce Wayne is Batman is supposed to be central to every story and villainous encounter. Every lame Batman story ignores this central point, and instead tells a story of a guy obsessed with some brand of thug-vigilantism labeled incorrectly as justice.

    If Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman, there isn’t Batman.

    That’s why I’m not interested in Robin becoming Batman, even if I enjoyed Scott Snyder’s The Black Mirror. Batman isn’t a legacy. It’s a thoroughly self-destructive condition. It can’t be passed on.

  2. And while that’s how many of us want to read Batman, that’s not how Batman is generally written. The way that Batman is generally written and portrayed – there are few counterexamples, and the best counterexamples are ones that you (Scott) don’t like (Miller) – is not a questionably-insane man driven by inner demons to fight evil. He’s a rich guy trying to do good. And, turns out, he could do a lot more good by, say, underwriting the Gotham Police. Or training an army. Or, god forfend, building homeless shelters or creating jobs.

    Bruce Wayne is ten times the hero that Batman will ever be. Imagine how much more he could do if he occasionally got a full night’s sleep?

    Just saying.

  3. Clearly you don’t understand my argument against Batman… ah, but Scott beat me to it.

    How much do I love the What Would Jason Do? shirt? All the much!

  4. Though I thoroughly appreciate the humor of this argument, let’s change industries here: Why doesn’t Robert Downey Jr hire someone else to be high all the time?
    Why doesn’t Terence Malick hire someone else to make a movie about the existence and diminishment of the universe?
    Why didn’t Steve Jobs hire someone else to revolutionize the telecommunications industry?
    Why don’t I hire someone to be a pithy crank so I can be happy fucking constantly? Which I hear is a fucking blast!

  5. Dan: I am pretty sure that I do understand your argument. I’m saying, “This one anonymous customer is better at destroying the Batman mythos than Dan.”

    I follow that up with, “ImCallingYouOutDan.”

    I’m not relating his argument to Dan’s – I’m contrasting them. I would love a full Dan vs. Batman post.

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