Worst Trailer of the Year?


4 thoughts on “Worst Trailer of the Year?

  1. Brought to you by put-upon, self-righteous, angry-for-no-reason christians (who didn’t understand (if they went to) Tree of Life.)

    And I would bet my life savings that the guy who plays the priest is really a priest. I know this because the priest plays no role but to give priestly advice in a priestly vacuum of certainty.

    They give the following assignation to one of the reviewers: “Abortion survivor.” I’m curious if that is the mother or the child; or if they need to sue for malpractice.

  2. I fail to see how this relates to Tree of Life. This film IS brought to us by the poor, oppressed Christians of America, POCA (new term coined!), but this is just one of their typical agenda-laden stories.

    As far as worst trailer of the year, I putting my money on this pony:

    I only watched a minute of C Me Dance (I guess they were trying to market this to Christians with a text messaging problem?) before stopping it. It was the moment that the Governator’s Venezualan counterpart showed up. HOLY SHIT (hee hee, pun!) was that bad. But it wasn’t last year’s since it came out in 2009.

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