This is Earth


6 thoughts on “This is Earth

  1. At work, on the huge LCD TV in the lobby, just for kicks, they are playing the classic Fireplace screensaver.

    A remake of that using a 4K camera shot at 48fps would look amazing. It would look so good that it might even be worth it.

    Second question: is TimeScapes shot at 48fps? Something about it looks better than anything I’ve ever seen. Ever. I think part of it is the frame rate.

  2. I’m really glad that you think cutting edge digital cinema technology is best used on fireplace videos.

    You know that only crazy-advanced editing monitors and movie theater projectors can display a 4K image, right? That means you’d have to pay $11 to go watch 2 hours of a looped fireplace video.

    At that size? Terrifying.

    Several shots of the TimeScapes video were shot time-lapse on the RED Epic (and some Canon DSLRs,) and so, obviously, frame-rate is hard to gauge. However, there are plenty of regular motion shots, and since it was the RED Epic, it could be as high as 120 fps. That downward tracking shot of the waterfall (0:32) is obviously slow motion, but it looks so incredible that it might have been shot at a much higher frame rate, to capture that much detail, and then sped up, comparably.

    Maybe. I really don’t know.

    The shot at 1:05 reminds me of the tracking shot in The Thin Red Line and The New World, except these are extra smooth, not just in stability but in motion, and so, yeah, maybe 48 fps, but maybe 60 fps.

    Also, he’s doing his own version of Kickstarter to fund the movie:

  3. Reminds me of a great Alec Baldwin 30 Rock joke. He’s bragging to Lemon about his hockey tickets: “The players are so close it’s like you’re watching it on a High Definition TV.”

    Yeah, I’d buy that fireplace video. I’d buy two in case one burns out.

  4. Here’s a breakdown of color correction for the shot at 0:32 by the color correction artist, Bruce Allen.

    I don’t understand most of what is said.

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