Rick Perry is Anti-American

1) Who is oppressing Christmas?

2) Being gay and serving in the military is an expression of individual freedom. Being Christian and forcing an entire public school to take time out of education (the primary  purpose of a school) so that some kids can pray, is a restriction of individual freedom.

The first is an act that the Constitution of this country allows for, and was specifically designed to preserve: the freedom from religious/governmental oppression.

The second is an act of religious/governmental oppression, or: tyranny, which is specifically what the Constitution was trying to destroy.

Therefore, the first act is in-line with traditional American values, and the second is an attack on traditional American values.

Let me dumb it down some more: Rick Perry, and anyone else who supports government policy that sides with religious oppression masquerading as “religious freedom” is a tyrant, an enemy to American values, and, if I may, anti-American.


One thought on “Rick Perry is Anti-American

  1. The ratio of likes to dislikes is rather telling of the collective Internet’s opinions on this topic. Granted, it’s probably skewed due to every rational American passing this around and telling people to dislike and flag the video *cough*Ididthis*cough*, but it’s telling nonetheless.

    I think Fox “News” and, maybe, Westboro Baptist Church are the only entities that still spout this “War on Christmas” bullshit. I’m an atheist and still celebrate and say “Merry Christmas”.

    People wonder why I hate to live in Texas. This guy has served as Governor longer than any other individual in Texas history. (The insane heat during the Summer is also a reason.)

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