Today in (potential) Absolute, Unmitigated Horror





Inside a Dutch medical facility is a potentially devastating weapon that could kill millions: A genetically modified version of the H5N1 bird flu, engineered to be easily transmitted among ferrets. And the researchers who figured out how to do it would like to share their work with the world.

via Should a New Recipe for Engineered Bird Flu, Potent Enough to Kill Millions, Be Published? | Popular Science.

4 thoughts on “Today in (potential) Absolute, Unmitigated Horror

  1. “After 10 virus generations, it became airborne, infecting healthy ferrets who were simply housed next to a sick one. ”

    Good thing evolution isn’t real.

    This is a tricky topic when it comes to science. It is a fascinating study. It needs to be studied. There’s no better way to beat the virus than to be immune to it before it evolves to work with humans. But, this sort of knowledge is, for obvious reasons, sensitive, and needs to be handled by mature, intelligent minds, which is another way of saying: keep it away from Jonathan Crane.

    To whom should this material be entrusted? Here we must make an appeal to the best intentions of humanity, and trust that those who have it, can handle it with the greatest care and benevolence.

    I can already hear you laughing.

    Here, watch Outbreak instead:

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