Chicken and Old Lace

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find reasons not to switch to a purely organic diet. Oh yeah, I guess it’s still really expensive.  The question you have to ask yourself is whether you want every meal to be very expensive, or every meal to slowly poison you.

In 2005, Dr. David Chapman, renowned in the field of coccidial research, claimed that “As long as chickens are raised on the ground and therefore in contact with their feces, then coccidiosis will remain a threat to the poultry industry.” Anticoccidials, arsenical growth promoters and antibiotics have thus been used to maintain the health of larger flocks.

For decades, the industry and its overseers assured farmers and consumers that poison-laced feed wasn’t a problem, because the additive delivers arsenic in organic form, which is much less toxic than its inorganic state. But evidence has been mounting that the arsenic in roxarsone is anything but stable—it shifts from organic to inorganic form under anaerobic conditions, and probably in the intestinal tracts of chickens. Inorganic arsenic is vile stuff. According to Food and Water Watch, “Chronic exposure to arsenic is associated with increased risk for several kinds of cancer, including bladder, kidney, lung, liver and prostate.” Moreover, “Arsenic exposure is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as neurological problems in children.”


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