High Frame Rate Camera Technology

This is all over my internet.


Capturing video at the speed of light — one trillion frames per second – YouTube


7 thoughts on “High Frame Rate Camera Technology

  1. I kind of get it, but the application of replacing x-ray imaging passes over my head. Since when does light pass through solid matter?

    EDIT: I just came across this.

  2. That link you put up, Kosmo, addressed exactly what was bugging me. I didn’t understand what he meant by a “virtual slow motion camera,” and the pulse laser made me wonder why I was only seeing one “photon.” Light should move WAY too fast for a camera to detect at that speed. But I’m not an expert in this stuff, and I have to trust MIT well beyond my mere suspicion.

    And if this was described clearly in the video then that means it went right by me.

    Also, light passes through solid matter all the time. Hold a lit flashlight behind a sheet of paper.

    Here’s something tricky: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wave%E2%80%93particle_duality

  3. So I use a Ti:sapph laser and streak camera every day. You guys wanna build one of these?

    Yeah, the way this is hyped annoys me for all the reasons you blokes already nailed. It’s a strobe camera. Really damned fast as a Ti:sapph pulse lasts only 100 fs or less (under a trillionth).

    Saying this will replace X-ray imaging isn’t entirely accurate either as yes, a Ti:sapph laser is near-infrared and absorbed. Unless you used a pulsed, soft/hard X-ray laser. And there’s only one currently in operation: the LCLS at SLAC. A very big, very expensive free electron laser.

    This is neat stuff though still for highly repeatable events, making it interesting for a few scientific applications.

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