Escapey the Clownseal

First off, there is no such thing as a clownseal. But that doesn’t mean this seal doesn’t deserve that name.

In the Bay of Plenty, NZ, there is one rascally seal pup who keeps getting into trouble. He may or may not be the same seal in all of the seal-sightings, but I’d like to believe that he is. Read the full story, it’s full of good stuff.

Spoiler Alert! He escapes, twice, in the end. This is my favorite part:

At Ms Swoffer’s home, the seal was put in a net and box but as it was being driven away in the Doc vehicle, it escaped and made its way up to the front of the vehicle, accidentally turning on the radio and ending up on the front seat.

Three cheers to the New Zealand Herald! They have an update, in which they call him Lucky. Now we have proof that the editor of the New Zealand Herald does not read dogmic.

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