No More Bad News!

Between now and the end of the year, I will post no more bad news on Dogmic.*


1. There’s always more Bad News.

2. I got enough to be worrying on.

3. Holidays. Bdangadang!

4.  I’m pretty tired of Bad News.

5. Some good news and neutral news would be pretty nice.


So there.

(Image found on the internet and lacks proper attribution – sorry!)


*Speaking only for myself, naturally. Other contributors are autonomous.**


**Insofar as the illusion of free-will allows.

3 thoughts on “No More Bad News!

  1. Oh Tim. I’ve always had a place aside from Desert Bus where I could link-dump and comment. For a long time it was Google Reader. Now it’s DogMic.

    Desert Bus will always have a place in my heart/inbox. And I will share there the same sorts of things I always would.

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