Crap in a Hockey Glove

This may be the first real-life, documented enactment of the old saying, “Crap in a Coat Sleeve.”

Shame it wasn’t a coat sleeve.

Story over at deadspin, via Slog.


How A Senior League Hockey Fight Ended With One Player Pooping In An Opponent’s Glove.


4 thoughts on “Crap in a Hockey Glove

  1. I’ve got some young cousins in Massachusetts, 15/16, that play hockey in numerous leagues and I was really hoping that the rink this all went down at was one I had been to. There’s one spot in South Boston that I was certain it would be, not the case.

    I love this quote:

    “Bermie knew he needed to get out of there or he would have killed the guy,” one says. “And he probably needed to wash his hands.”

    The idea that he needed to wash his hand was an afterthought I found hilarious.

  2. The first rule of revenge is to include the means of your offense in your revenge. The first option for this man should have been, and probably was: punch the dude with the shit-smeared hand.

  3. When they “passed a hat” to buy the guy a new glove, one of them should have shat into it.

    I have never come across crap in a coat-sleeve that belonged to a guy who didn’t do something to deserve it.

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