Initial Place Name Clusters of Great Britain

Who doesn’t love Big Think? A very few jerks, probably. But everybody else, and especially the dogmic contributors, loves Big Think.

This collection of 26 Maps of Great Britain created by Mukund Unavane highlights all place names by initial letter in an eccentric attempt to analyze etymological clusters. It’s a scientifically-silly stab, but a charming one at that. Big Think draws some observations:


  • Other rare, but less infrequent initials: J (almost all in Ireland and the Celtif Fringe of Great Britain), Q (surprisingly frequent, actually), V (hot spots on the Hebrides and on Shetland) and Y (mainly southern, and very Welsh).
  • Of the medially frequent initials, A is remarkable for dominating in the Scottish Highlands; D and K seem to be most at home on either side of the Irish Sea, in Scotland and Ireland; I is a chiefly Scottish affair (all those Inver- prefixes?), and L rules supreme in Wales (which I guess is down to all those places starting with Ll- [7]).

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