Google as Information Broker versus Google+

I know that the only way to get people to actually click through to your content is to have a flashy, overstated headline, but seriously, isn’t there some other way to get people to click through to your content? Not that I’m one to talk.


Anyway, this article is written by Jon Mitchell over at Read Write Web. He’s clearly frustrated and rightly so. Underneath the frustration is an interesting point.

“[Google’s] trying to get us addicted to yet another free Web service and sell us to its customers, the advertisers. Google’s not alone there. That’s what Facebook does, and it’s what all of the above apps will do, presumably.
But Google is different. Google used to be about organizing the world’s information. It was a service to the entire Web. But this social tangent is changing that. It’s turning the Web into a Google+ popularity contest.

This is a fair concern. And it’s nice to have someone put their finger on something that’s been bugging me since the collapse of Google Reader’s Sharing features.


via Google+ Is Going To Mess Up The Internet.

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