5 thoughts on “iPads FROM SPACE!

  1. Y’know it would reach terminal velocity a lot faster than a drop from space necessitates.

    Yeah, not as cool. Just sayin’.

  2. Tim, what makes it difficult to know where the iPad would have reached terminal velocity?

    And, yes, Wil; apparently, 100,000 feet above Earth is amazing.

  3. Air drag has a lot to do with the shape and orientation of the thing falling. The whole skydiving scene in movies with someone lying flat with arms out gets caught-up-to by someone all tucked in like a bullet toward the ground is actually feasible.

    …except for the part where it would be easy to do…

    But looking at it again, I dunno, it might take as little as 1k – 10k feet for an iPad that’s swiveling around like that. So yeah, 100k is probably overkill.

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