Batman of Interest

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the show Person of Interest, but I watched five minutes of it a few months ago and instantly thought, “Oh, this is Batman without the suit.” I tweeted that thought and got numerous replies of, “Oh man, you’re right! I love Batman and this show!” Really? Then how did you not put that together before.

Jim Caviezel is an ex-black ops… guy whose family was murdered and, as far as the public is concerned, he doesn’t exist. Michael Emerson’s character is handicapped and he made some software for the CIA that can identify people who are most likely to commit terrorist acts, or something like that. His software also identifies those who are likely to commit murder or other heinous acts, but the CIA doesn’t care about that. (Really?) These two pair up, didn’t see the pilot so I have no idea how that happened, and Caviezel is Batman to Emerson’s Oracle. (This is pre-“New 52!”.)

But hold on! There’s a feisty, young detective, played by Taraji P. Henson, crosses paths with Caviezel and she starts to question who this mystery man is and why he’s interfering with her cases. Episode after episode she catches clues to his presence, but can’t figure out who this guy is and this becomes a personal mission since no one else in her department believes her.

I’ve only seen, maybe, two episodes, but I’ve seen plenty of clips from commercials and just walking by others watching it from time to time, the above synopsis is what I’ve gleaned from my experience of the show. I just happened to see an article stating that the three are going to form a partnership in a future episode. So we’re out of Year One territory now.

I tweeted this a few months ago “Person of Interest is basically a real-world version of Batman…” and received a few replies from people saying, “Oh man, you’re right! I love Batman and this show!” Really? You love both but couldn’t put that together yourself?

Oh, and to top it all off, the show was created by Johnathan Nolan. He’s most famous for co-writing Batman films with his brother Christopher.

I forgot to add that Caviezel does an impression of Christian Bale’s Batman voice the entire time. Or he’s trying to whisper loudly. I’m not sure which it is.


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