Well Made Lists

I found this site whilst cruising about the web, and then it popped up on WaxyLink as well. How serendipitous.

This is exactly what I want from a product review/tech site.

‘Nuff said.

The Wirecutter | A List of the Best Gadgets.


2 thoughts on “Well Made Lists

  1. Oh, I like this.

    Tech blogs are a favorite. Gizmodo was fantastic, but then a few key writers left. And *then* they changed to some ridiculous new format “for the progress of the web.”

    Instead warmed to Engadget whose top writers were great. They had a mass exodus and went to The Verge, not leaving much behind.

    That’s all well and good, but then The Verge also went with some insane new HTML5/JS-crazy format that destroys your browser. It’s probably neat to browse on a tablet, but blech. Just look at it.

    I get that Giz and The Verge are trying to be forward thinking, but there’s something about a site that knows how to simply organize info. No need to reinvent the wheel on that.

    So yeah, it’s nice to see a tech site just aggregating best-of-the-best. Probably not fun for picking up on breaking stories and other random bits, but good to see an organized reference.

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