Nerds and Male Privilege

And now, the Kotaku piece that really got me thinking about this issue.

It’s insightful and direct. The comment section is a horrific mangled slop that alternately defends the article poorly and argues against the thesis in such a way that the thesis is better illustrated.


Nerds and Male Privilege.


2 thoughts on “Nerds and Male Privilege

  1. Pages and pages of comments now exist. Way too much to wade through. I did notice a handful of people complaining about how the article was a shot at Kotaku readers. “Hey, I resemble that remark!” There was one commenter who, as the author suggested, gave a retort and had an issue with a point he had made which created a chain-reaction of comments just as furious as those who were offended by the article itself.

    The way women are portrayed in comics has bothered me more and more in the past few years. Some of the “redesigns” from the DC 52 were disappointing and the White Rabbit pictured above was just absurd. I want someone to explain to me why EVERY female superhero needs to wear high heels. I’m surprised no one on the set of Dark Knight Rises looked at Anne Hathaway running around in her Catwoman get-up and thought, “She’s going to destroy an ankle if she trips.”

    On the other hand, every time I see a guy in tights I think, “Fuck, I’m fat.” Then I binge eat.

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