Daly Superhero Post

In case you hadn’t seen it yet. (I’d heard people talk about this for days, but just saw it myself.) I guess it’s less acceptable to do this if you’ve voiced a superhero. That makes me feel better about the way I spend my free time.

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Bad Guy Pearce

TED 2023 I’m simply amazed how nerdy people get over this. Over at i09.com where I first saw it, there was a long thread about the chronology of the Aliens series, even though Ridley Scott said that this new movie’s only connection with the old movies is the Weyland character Guy Pearce plays in this […]

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I’m surprised the creator of this did not create the Koopa Kid ‘dungeon’ area and went with a bridge instead. The rest of the details all seemed up to snuff and they omitted that.

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Steampunk Batman

Or Gotham by Gaslight, as the comic was called. Some footage for a game that was in the works but ultimately canned. I like some of this, as far as a starting point. Although the surroundings aren’t polished, there is a definite atmosphere. I like the fluid movement of the cape, though it appears to […]

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