Donate to Planned Parenthood

Cheers to Scott Smith for pointing me in the direction of Amadi Talks today, in regards to the unbelievably cold-hearted, counter-productive, elitist, faux-religious nonsense of the year.

Here is a brief bit of what Amadi says:

Komen has said that this decision arose from a new policy of not funding any organization that is under government investigation. Since Planned Parenthood was already under investigation when the policy was changed, it’s pretty clear that the policy was targeting PP.

Moreover, this Komen policy and the subsequent de-funding came quickly behind the hiring ofKaren Handel as Komen’s Senior Vice President for Public Policy. Those in Georgia recall that in 2010 Handel ran for governor of Georgia with a extremely anti-choice platform. This woman is responsible for policy decisions for Komen, and she is clearly opposed to Planned Parenthood.

And we cannot forget that the founder of Komen, Nancy Brinker, has long been tied to the highest ranks of Republican politics.

Please donate to Planned Parenthood.


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