Over at Sentence first, Stan Carey writes a loving tribute to the rash of abbreviations and pet names that seem to be spreading with Twitter, texting, and the like. The collective insight of the blog’s author and commenters reveals that these abbreviations are as old as idle.

My brother’s been abbreviating for years, simply for the joy of it. He’s known for ‘don’t even mensh‘ and susplain–which is not even an abbreviation of explain, just a bastardization. He’s also shortened many of the major northside streets in Chicago: Addys, Belmers, Diverse, Fullytans, Arms, Clybe, Bway, Sheff, Ash, Crashland (Racine), Dames, Westy.

Of all of them, my abso favorite–and the one I use unapologetically in mixed company–is exclo for exclamation point.


The linked post, “Ledgebag is totes amaze,” is a few weeks old and I encourage you to continue reading Stan’s columns from there.


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