Gizmodo Recipe for Mead

The famous cutting-edge technology website offers a recipe for the world’s oldest known alcohol.


Wikipedia: recipe definition: prescription 4a.


9 thoughts on “Gizmodo Recipe for Mead

  1. I just bookmarked that an hour ago. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it myself, but I’ve want wanted to try it for quite some time. I’ve yet to come across it at any local liquor stores.

  2. Mead is really hard to find. Good mean is even harder to find. A couple of years back, Wil and I had to special order mead from a really good liquor store. It was called: English Mead, and it was awful. It tasted like a flower box. Then a Sam’s store opened nearby, and Wil found a bottle of South African mead that was really tasty. I think we drank three bottles of it.

    I’d like to try making it some time.

  3. Mead is easier to find these days. We were looking in bad places back then.

    Flannery O’Connor aside; good mead is reasonably difficult to find, at least in comparison to good beer or good whiskey or good wine.

  4. Did either of you check out the link for the mead making mother lode? I just scrolled through the first page and saw a dozen recipes for different types of mead. I didn’t look in to any of them further, but I imagine you can get away with calling your drink mead as long as the honey content is a certain percentage of the sugars. I don’t suppose either of you read the ingredients on those bottles you tried?

  5. Those bottles were both pretty traditional honey-wine style mead. The generic one was, regrettably, very generic in flavor as well. The other had floral infusions if I recall.

    They were both pretty much honey.

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