Ask Batman Anything

The Best Questions Ever Asked of Batman (Community) – YouTube.



5 thoughts on “Ask Batman Anything

  1. Let’s help Scott out, guys.

    Reasons why Scott loves this post so much:

    1. Batman.
    2. Community.
    3. Troy and Abed
    4. You think your uncle is a vigilante.
    5. “Can I ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask the real Batman?”
    6. “Yeah.”
    7. Abed is a better Batman than Christopher Nolan.
    8. Because Christopher Nolan is a terrible Batman.

  2. 9. Reminder that Eddie Murphy used to be subversive and hilarious.
    10. It’s charming to see Donald Glover improvise with Danny Pudi.
    11. The set-up is funnier than any possible punchline, therefore it can be iterated indefinitely.
    12. Being on a set is great.

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