Dresden Codak

Another webcomic, but I’ve been reading this one for years. This particular example isn’t related to the main story in anyway, but I went with this since there is quite a bit of continuity to be familiar with.


16 thoughts on “Dresden Codak

  1. Okay, what gives?! I clicked on “Dresdan Codak Primer” and it took me to his store?!
    I really like this guy, but what the fuck!?
    Okay, I admit, at the top of his store is a line that says “click here for free comics.” Well, I clicked there. And there are a bunch of free comics. But what the hell? I want a Primer. I was promised a Primer and I’m not leaving until somebody fucking Primes me.

  2. Okay, so I just found out that the Dresdan Codak Primer is a fucking product. Again, I ask, What the hell?! $12.00 + Shippping so that I can figure out what the hell this comic is all about?
    I see the pictures of the book’s pages, and yes, a lot of time and talent went into them, but who’s going to pay $12.00 + Shipping on a Primer when they could just buy the first few issues?
    A Primer should be a giveaway, and not because I’m a cheap bastard, but because that’s the damn business.

  3. “The DC Primer is 52 pages of new art, character and location bios (including a history of Nephilopolis) and comic theory articles, as well as a 7 page opener to Dark Science. It’s quite a thing to see, and Aaron sincerely hopes you cats like it!”

    Listen, Aaron, that’s not a Primer. That’s a Reader or a fan supplement. Comic theory articles? Not interested. No offense intended. I wouldn’t even be interested in comic theory articles penned by Will Eisner.
    Also, I just learned Dresden Codak is the author’s pseudonymn. I thought it was the name of the comic. I’m very confused. This is the opposite of a ‘prime job.’
    Also, is the Dark Science comic really only 16 pages long? What are we dealing with! The Primer is more than 3x the length of the total comic thus far? What am I missing?!

  4. I really like the way I misspelled ‘pseudonym’ up there. Like condemn, solemn, autumn. Maybe we can use pseudonymn as the verb form. Pseudonymned to death, could be a sentence doled out by the Supreme Court.

  5. Dan.

    Dresden Codak makes pretty good comics. He sells them.

    Dark Science is ongoing, I believe, and will be longer than 16 pages when finished. He releases each page whenever he finishes it. Or similar.

    A psydonymn is a song of praise sung under false pretenses.

  6. You’re right. I’m an asshole.
    If you’d rather read a 9,000 word Primer on my 3-post rant, I’ll sell it to you for $12, free shipping.
    I’m also working on an extended apology called: “Sarcasm! The G’Fk’Yrs Chorus” which will be for sale as soon who gives a shit.

  7. When looking for a link to direct new readers, I also fell for the Primer lie.

    Aaron’s updating schedule is pretty eradic, but it has improved within the past few months. Aaron crams in a lot of beautiful detail into every panel.

    And if you ever really wanted to know the mating habits of a T Rex, he’d probably be able to tell you.

  8. His art is beautiful. And I follow him on the Tumbs. He’s a great guy. But man oh man he needs to fix the basic flow of his website.
    Cheeky classified-ad style bios of his characters do not help the situation.
    There’s no “about” page either. Man, that makes it hard to get your footing.

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