The Devil We Don’t, Part 2

This starts bad and ends very bad. Good lord.

Click through for the full primer on the G8 from Ben Joravsky at The Reader.


On December 14, Mayor Emanuel introduced several proposals related to the summits. The ones that got the most coverage would have raised fines for resisting arrest and imposed new requirements for parades and demonstrations. And the other—as we talked about already—granted him the authority to hand out contracts without a normal bidding process or City Council oversight.

At a hearing in January, a broad range of activists and other citizens, from death penalty foes to right-to-lifers, testified against the parade and protest regulations. When Emanuel agreed to cut the fine increases, most aldermen were convinced that he’d given enough ground to make the ordinances palatable.


via Your NATO/G8 primer | Feature | Chicago Reader.


4 thoughts on “The Devil We Don’t, Part 2

  1. Any other bad news?

    The city could be on the hook to pay Chicago Parking Meters LLC an unspecified amount of money.

    You mean the guys who own our street parking system?

    Yes—our old friends.

    What do they have to do with the G8 and NATO summits?

    Under their 75-year lease deal, the city has to pay Parking Meters LLC every time a metered spot is taken out of operation. So if parts of downtown are blocked off for summit security, we the people will make up the difference in lost meter revenue—potentially millions of dollars.

    So we have to pay a private company for the right to use our public streets?

    We can debate whether the streets are still fully public, but yes, that’s correct.

  2. The above is from the Reader. I’m just highlighting it in case anybody hasn’t read the article yet. Wil’s right, it starts off bad and gets worse.

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