New Dirty Three Album

Streaming right now, in entirety, on NPR.

This is their first album in seven years.


First Listen: Dirty Three, ‘Toward The Low Sun’ : NPR


5 thoughts on “New Dirty Three Album

  1. … listened to the new album three times at work and I really liked it. The frenetic opening didn’t work for me the first time, now it works for me.
    I’m home now listening to Horse Stories and it feels tame. Funny, right?
    It’s like when you listen to Mitch’s first standup special and then you listen to Mitch All Together. It’s strange to go back to the initial style.
    Or like when you watch the first season of TNG and Riker’s clean-shaven and nobody’s got any collars on their uniforms.
    Or when you read the end of this comment and then you go back and read the beginning of this comment and remember that it’s about Dirty Three and how I …

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