Film Critic Andrew Shepherd on Ghost Rider 2

Spoiler alert. He gives it a 1 out of 10. It’s not the best review I’ve ever read but it’s got just enough zingers to make me feel justified in reposting it here.

Chief at fault is the – and one hesitates to say this – Academy Award winning actor Nicolas Cage who turns in a performance like one of those people who is really annoying at work but thinks he’s hilarious and continues to make crass comments even though nobody laughs.

Most of the budget goes on the effects, and the director appears to have run out of money and switched to a cheaper camera at points.

Perhaps history will look more kindly on this film but only if Cage becomes some sort of world dictator and writes his own history. So bad, it is…no it really is that dreadful.

1/10 Andrew Shepherd

via SNJ film critic Andrew Shepherd slates Ghost Rider 2, awarding it 1 out 10 (From Stroud News and Journal).

UPDATE:  I trimmed the review above to the most interesting part. Click the link for the full review.

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