“The 6 Most Difficult Parts of ‘Battletoads'” (via Funny or Die)

The first thing that pops to mind is the Turbo Tunnel level.

That’s obvious and the author of the post remembers it vividly. That seems to be as far as the author ever got. His entire post is based on that level. I memorized my way through it all and I could probably still find the warp.

I can’t recall a single level after that point that was easy. This game broke even the most battle-hardened players. The only way I got through it was with a Game Genie. I wasn’t proud of it, but I had no idea how the ending played out and there weren’t any YouTube walkthroughs to watch when I was 10.

And playing with someone else? Forget it. It was better to just beat the shit out of each other all afternoon instead of trying to tackle any level past 2.


11 thoughts on ““The 6 Most Difficult Parts of ‘Battletoads'” (via Funny or Die)

  1. My brother, Ben, Dan, anyone that found out you could punch the other player. I can’t recall anyone who could keep up a two-player game for long.

  2. Wil, who’s your Ben?
    Kosmo’s right: once you break that one robot and you get the metal stick you can use as a whapper, the game’s over. We never left the first level.
    The warp is after the 3rd stone that follows the quick back and forth after the third or fourth jump.
    And our favorite level was the giant snake level. But we had to use the Game Genie to get there.

  3. He’s right about the music. It starts at about 0:55.

    It’s the upbeat music and then the ever increasing whooshes of passing stones that really freak me out.

    To this day, whenever someone puts me on hold, I sing to myself that “bomp chip bomp chip bomp chip chip chip” hold music from the Retry? screen.

  4. Dan, the warp is in the last section. After you pass 9 of the blocks, you stay at the bottom of the screen. It’s in front of the tenth block. It’s at 2:55.

    There’s also a warp in the first level, but you have to move VERY fast through a number of enemies before it disappears. I can’t remember where it is exactly, but I know it takes speed to find it.

  5. Not only are you right, and have proof to back it up, but you won that argument like a gentleman.

    I’m still convinced though, despite admitting that I’m wrong and witnessing irrefutable evidence to the contrary, that I’m actually right. Not ‘right’ per se, but hear me out: the way that it really is, the TRUTH in this situation, is literally three times more difficult than I remember it. And I remember it as exhaustively, soul-shatteringly difficult. I said it was after the third quick back-and-forth stone, it’s actually after the ninth! Sirs, I say no to that.

    I simply choose to believe that the game is exactly as impossible as I remember it, and not anymore impossible

    The truth in this situation is unlivable.

    (I love Battletoads.)

  6. Battletoads runs $150 on ebay right now. That’s crazy.

    I did find a copy of Boattletads, a much less fun game involving, I guess, boats and a several guys named Tad.

  7. Holy shit. I still have my copy, but I don’t know if it still functions. I also have Metroid and RBI Baseball, all in sleeves.

    I have Chrono Trigger and a few SNES games, but their condition is questionable too.

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