Today is Polar Bear Day

Me? I’m going to drink some Polar Beers, at a Polar Bar.


Happy Polar Bear Day! – National Wildlife Federation.

Also, I will re-ask the age-old question:

If Batman were naked* in the woods with no tools, could he kill a Polar Bear, with his bare hands?

Correct answer in the comments!

*Batman naked is not Bruce Wayne. Batman must dress up as Bruce Wayne in order to become Bruce Wayne. Batman naked is still Batman, just without any clothes on. He is visually indistinguishable from Bruce Wayne naked, but that doesn’t mean that Christopher Nolan wouldn’t still screw it up.


3 thoughts on “Today is Polar Bear Day

  1. Correct Answer: Yes. He would then remove the polar bear’s hands, and put them onto his own bare hands. Henceforth, he would kill subsequent polar bears with his bear hands.

  2. I’m not sure he would kill more than one. He’s not one for killing, no matter the species. He’d kill one for the pelt and bear meat, then he’d become the alpha male of the sleuth (look it up) and take the now-orphaned cub as his young ward.

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