Bad Guy Pearce

TED 2023

I’m simply amazed how nerdy people get over this. Over at where I first saw it, there was a long thread about the chronology of the Aliens series, even though Ridley Scott said that this new movie’s only connection with the old movies is the Weyland character Guy Pearce plays in this short.

On the TED site linked above, commenters are furious about this as a vision of future TED talks or, as more than a few people seem to worry, what it says about the real TED talks. It’s a clever teaser, a commercial, a stunt. It’s a chance to let Guy Pearce play an evil, meglomaniacal Brit.

Nerd rage always reminds me how naive I am.

2 thoughts on “Bad Guy Pearce

  1. I’m protective of the TED name. I’ve seen some incredible stuff from TED talks:

    Also, TED was the only video that I could stream easily in Santa Fe. I don’t know how they did that with my shitty 256k connection.

    I understand the initial upset regarding TED’s name with commercial ventures, especially a fucking Ridley Scott picture. Though, I bet none of those complaining object to Ridley Scott as much as I.

    But this is great publicity for TED, and it’s a fucking cool video. It’s simple, it’s calm, confident, and compelling. It’s an excellent teaser. Relax.

    Also, the other teaser for Prometheus is alright:

  2. Worst case scenario, people who’ve never heard of TED talks think that TED is a fake thing.
    If this were a project along the lines of The Love Guru, it would be stupid and somewhat of a disgrace to TED. If it were RDjr as Tony Stark, it’d be clever and fun; and I’m sure Marvel is pissed they didn’t think of it first.
    But we’re dealing with a monumental sci-fi franchise. And the E stands for Entertainment. The character of Weyland fits both Tech and Design, too, but really it’s that E that these people should be reminded of.

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