Steampunk Batman

Or Gotham by Gaslight, as the comic was called. Some footage for a game that was in the works but ultimately canned.

I like some of this, as far as a starting point. Although the surroundings aren’t polished, there is a definite atmosphere. I like the fluid movement of the cape, though it appears to be too light-weight at times. I have no idea why he can suddenly leap as though he’s on Pluto, but it’s just a prototype. I can’t remember if this version of Batman had some type of gas-propelled grappling gun that would have eliminated the need for such jumps.

I know this game would have paled in comparison to Arkham Asylum/City, but it’s still interesting to see these iterations. At least I think so.


One thought on “Steampunk Batman

  1. This might have been a lot of fun. Even if all it did was rip-off the Arkham series, it would have been stealing from a solid foundation. It probably would have made a fantastic $30-40 game.

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