“You Can See the Evil”

Spoiler alert: The evil is on screen left.


So many things about this make my skin crawl. I am very sad for these young women.


5 thoughts on ““You Can See the Evil”

  1. Their story sounds so naturally off-the-cuff. Seeing their eyes move back and forth, as if they were reading a cue card, was just a way to be sure everyone knew their eyes were not dilating.

  2. They’ve clearly been coached, all three, by the same terrible speech coach.
    “To display confidence, condescend. To display openness, nod and tilt your head slightly, while condescending. When confronted, over-enunciate and lift your chin, because questions are like foreigners.”
    Notice how they don’t pause to think about anything? Anderson Cooper asks a few slightly heavy questions and they prattle on without hesitation.

    I was expecting a number to appear at the bottom of the screen with an offer to purchase their At Home Exorcism DVD and Bath Towel Set.

  3. It comes with Towels? How do I give them all my money?

    On a serious note, there are adult persons in this world who think this is legit. That these scooby-doo-via-william-blatty girls are actually identifying and casting out devils in their schoolmates.

    I have always had a serious problem with the charismatic christian movement. Say what you will about Catholicism, at least their exorcists are old enough to know what they’re saying. (To the best of my knowledge.)

  4. Exorcisms are about as believable as speaking in tongues. I knew someone who claimed to have been touched by God and started babbling. It was part of a secret ceremony in the lower-level of a local mega-church. She was allowed access to these proceedings after taking part in x, y, and z. (I don’t remember all the steps or dollar amounts, but it sounded an awful lot like a popular “religion” in Hollywood.) I walked away from that conversation and pondered about what I was told. Then I realized what causes people to blather in incoherent speech; peer pressure.

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