Dollar Shave Club

Nobody around here will be shaving anytime soon. However, this business model, marketing, and site design are all killer.

$6 a month for four cartridges of 4-blade disposable razors delivered to your door? You gotta be kidding me! That’s a new razor every sunday night. Part of the reason I only shave my neck once a week is due to the extreme cost of the disposable blades. Wil uses straight razors, and he’s got one of those disposable straight razor contraptions. That’s been on my “To Buy Immediately” list for about a year.

A standard Mach3T(urbo) costs $24 per 8 cartridges. Easy math: that’s 3 bones a cartridge. Using DSC’s 4x plan, you get four (4) four-blade cartridges for $6. That math is a little less easy: 1.5 bones a cartridge. That’s half the price! You could rightfully argue that you’re getting an extra blade per cartridge, so that’s 16 blades for 6 bones (or 2.66 blades per dollar) compared to 24 blades for 24 bones.

They also have a $1/month two-blade deal. You get five (5) cartridges of two blades per month. This is what I’ll order for shaving my neck and the tops of my cheeks where the disorderly hairs grow wild.

If you sign up, every referral grants you a free month. Not that I need to save the $1 (+ shipping), but it’s a fun game to be played. I won’t plug my own referral here. Instead, I want all of you to consider signing up and getting your own referrals.

For the record, the “Dollar” Shave Club doesn’t include the shipping cost. The 1 dollar 2-blade deal costs me 3 bones a month. I’m still happy. It’s still a great deal. I’ll let you know how I feel about the razors when they arrive.

* * *

I couldn’t possibly let my favorite article from The Onion go unmentioned in this discussion:


6 thoughts on “Dollar Shave Club

  1. That video is f***ing brilliant.

    My biggest problem with shaving is that my skin hates it. I can either be covered in hair or covered in red, raw skin with lots of bumps.

  2. Kos – if you’re interested, I’m pretty sure a doctor can write you a medical-beard-thing-permission-slip thing for that sort of thing. Not that it’s my business to take the conversation there, but hey, sometimes a guy needs a trump card.

    (It’s the only way you would be allowed a beard if you were enrolled at BYU, is how I know.)

  3. I proposed just that as I was walking out the door Monday. It usually takes a while to get in to see my doctor, but I’ll gladly play that card if I have to.

  4. I’m counting this as spam, even though the website for the Dollar Beard Club is pretty funny. It can’t compare to the Dollar Shave Club site, exists solely as a response/parody, and it therefore classifies as parasitic.

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