The Best Cracked Article

This is the best Cracked article I have ever read. I don’t usually read Cracked articles; I usually skip to the listed items, and browse for something that makes me giggle. I usually quit reading by the second page, and I’m bored by the end.

This article, however, was consistently mean and funny all the way to the very last line. If you don’t agree, I won’t hold it against you. This might strike me, and only me, just right.

Dan thought it was funny, though, so hate him also, if you don’t like this.


4 thoughts on “The Best Cracked Article

  1. Actually, I bet it’s a lot like the pommel horse video. The impact is exactly what you would expect. The SETI factor is very low.

    But it does fall in line with, “you can tell how hard someone is going to party at the bottom of a mountain by how stupid they look at the top of it.”

  2. I think it’s a bit hard to determine just how fast this guy was going when he jumped. You can hear a bit of sneaker scuffling, but that leads me to believe he slowed before leaping. I think having his hands on the moving rails could be what propelled him further. His arms were clearly supporting him at points to prevent the fall, but the additional momentum caught him off-guard.

    I also must add that the bully body slam is still one of the better clips I’ve seen.

  3. I take exception with one assertion from that article:
    “””You can’t counterbalance a garbage bag full of hams with two hollow mannequin legs and call it a person — that’s how you build a trebuchet.”””

    That is not how I build a trebuchet.

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